Set Review: Keeppley K18003 Yinyi Garden Entertainment Building Block Set

Set Review: Keeppley K18003 Yinyi Garden Entertainment Building Block Set
By: It's Not Lego Posted On: October 07, 2022 View: 280

It's huge, it's colourful, it's packed with details!  It's the new Keeppley K18003 Yinyi Garden Entertainment building block set.   Hey, brick fans, today we are back with another review and it's quite the set.In case you are unfamiliar with the name, Keeppley is a building block brand that is part of the Enlighten Toys franchise. A quick scan on reveals that they have produced just under 200 sets for such names such as Naruto, Pokemon, Doraemon,  Crayon Shin, and Hello Kitty to name a few.  If you see sets with the names Enlighten, Keeppely, and Qman, they are all part of the same brand.A huge shout out to online store who made this review possible by kindly furnishing the set for me to review.  The set was sent to me superfast and well packaged. has an excellent track record for packaging and also provides free worldwide shipping and it's all tax free. Buy more, save more!The Keeppley K18003 Yinyi Garden Entertainment Center is now available on their website, and don't forget to use my discount code ITSNOTLEGO at checkout. (click on the pic below to go directly to the item listing).In 2020, Keeppley  expanded into Chinese Street Architecture theme, with the  Kaiyun Hotpot Restaurant K18001, then shortly thereafter the Qiyun Luxury Hotel K18002.  New for this year is the Yinyi Garden and Entertainment Center K18003. The Entertainment center consists of three storeys in an L shaped layout.  Where your normal modular building sits on a 32x32 stud baseplate, this one has a footprint of 36 by 42 studs.  If you want to fit this into your modular city, you might have to make some adjustments.  This is a decent sized set with well over 2000 pieces I'd imagine.Typically, a modular building has a very interesting front facade, with a not so interesting backside.  The Keeppley entertainment center is an exception as both front and rear of the building are exquisitely and richly detailed.Dominating the front corner of the building is a large sign board that runs the entire height of the three floors.  If someone knows the meaning of the characters on the sign, please let me know.  And yes, those are all printed parts, not stickers.Here are some of the different exterior facades that adorn the three levels of the building.  More examples of printed pieces can be found.Left side front view.Right side front view.Being a corner modular building, you can choose to display the side you like the best.Here's the other side of the entertainment centre.  One can see a rooftop garden, a stone bridge that leads to a pagoda surrounded by water and a huge tree that overlooks a waterfall.   In the center of all this, there is a working glass elevator that services all three floors. It's a very nice setup, although one wonders where all that water is coming from.  There's a bird perched in the tree, wish it was more colourful though.The view of beautiful waterfall is obscured by the pagoda.A better view of the waterfall with pagoda removed.Shaded lookout from the second floor.The full height glass elevator shaft. The elevator works by turning the blue knob at the top to raise and lower the platform inside.  There are openings from each floor to access the shaft, however there should be glass doors to prevent people from falling into the shaft and getting seriously injured.I don't know if this applies to the other Keeppley buildings, but this one does not come off floor by floor like a regular modular building.  There are a couple of novel ways to view the interior of the entertainment centre.Kitchen in a drawer!  This sliding feature makes it possible to remove the entire kitchen for extra play value.With the kitchen fully removed, one can see all the details of the double stove, sink and other utensils.On the other arm of the building, there are four different rooms to be seen by swinging away each section.  Unfortunately access is limited and is for viewing only.Here is the main floor dining room, with seating for six.  Even inside there are printed signs on the wall and even the rice and noodle bowls are printed, not stickered.I'm not exactly sure for sort of room this is on the second floor.  I'm guessing from the cups on the table that it's some sort of tea room, with different teas for tasting.On the top floor is the mahjong room.  Mahjong is like a chinese version of gin rummy but using plastic tiles instead of cards.  Of course, there are a lot more complexities to this game than my simple explanation.  Anyways, mahjong can be found in many asian gambling establishments, typically frequented by the older generation.  And yes, all the colourful mahjong tiles are printed pieces.One last look at the Mahjong room from an exterior view.Finally for those of the less geriatric crowd, there is a video games room next to the mahjong room.With a couple of controllers on the shelf and a dance mat on the floor, this should have the kids poppin.So let's talk about the minifigures that come with this set.  There are six of them, three males and three females, all dressed in traditional chinese garments.I'm pretty sure that Enlighten/Keeppley/Qman wanted to avoid Lego's wrath when it came to minifigure replicas.  So they made their minifigures with huge heads that look more like dolls than minifigures.   If you like them, then that's fine, but for me, I prefer all of my minifigures to look similar in size.  Xingbao and Sluban have uniquely designed minifigs as well, but they still keep within the same size norms as Lego style minifigures.  But did you know that you can actually swap out the ginormous Enlighten heads and replace them with standard minifigure heads?  I went through my minifigure collection and selected some that loosely replicate the ones in the set.  Which minifigure style do you prefer? Let me know if you prefer the Lego standard or the new Enlighten ones.  As a final note, I took a lot of pictures as I built the set, but not sure if there's anyone interested in seeing the process.  Let me know if you want to see those pics and I can make a subsequent post.  I found the brick clutch and quality to be excellent.  There was a matter of  one missing piece and one deformed piece, however those did not impact the build.  There are some transparent window parts which are relatively clear and scuffed or scratched.I gave this set a 4.8 out of 5 with points deducted for the missing and deformed parts and the big headed mini figures.  But overall a fun and enjoyable build.  And the entertainment center is absolutely photogenic.Want to build this colourful and exquisite set?  Head on over to and check out all the different brick sets they have at the store.Hope you have enjoyed this review and let me know what you thought in the comments.   Bye for now!

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