Today's Review: JMBricklayer Pink Succulent Planter Brick Set 20103

Today's Review: JMBricklayer Pink Succulent Planter Brick Set 20103
By: It's Not Lego Posted On: Május 20, 2023 View: 274

 Hello Brick Fans!  Here's my latest quickie review, it's the Pink Succulent Planter brick set 20103 from JMBricklayer.  It's a cute little set that's a perfect display for your desk or tabletop and it makes a nice gift too.Brand: JMBricklayerSet: Pink Succulent Planter 20103Theme: Botanical CollectionPiece Count: 327 piecesNumbered bags: NoStickers or printed pieces: NoneMinifigures: NoneMissing or deformed pieces: NoneExtra pieces: YesAge Rating: 14+The small box contains 5 un-numbered bags of parts and a thin 18 page instruction booklet.Because there's no numbers on the part bags, I just opened them all up to see how the parts looked like.  The variety of brick pieces are Lego compatible in size and shape.Here's the planter for the succulents.  The creamy white and pink colour along with it's shape makes it look just like a soap dish.Let's fill this soap dish, oops I mean planter, with some dirt.Here are the first succulent flowers, which have red petals and transparent yellow centres.  On the side, there's a small green plant with pink balls.Next up to add to the planter is this multi-layered flower with pink and purple leaves.  It has a creamy yellow centre.Lastly, we get an assortment of pink mini roses.  I particularly like how the flowers contrast each other.These are the extra pieces that came with the set.  I think you have a choice of substituting the middle parts of the red flowers with either clear or yellow flowers.  Which one would you choose?This set was easy to put together and is suitable for anyone, even kids.  Brick clutch was excellent and I think the set's age rating of 14+ could be lowered to age 6+.   With only 327 pieces and an easy to follow instruction guide, this makes a perfect brick set for that rainy day build.  This set and many more are on sale at the JMBricklayer store.  Feel free to check them out.  You can also find JMBricklayer sets on their Amazon store.

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