Not Lego GM Ultralite MOC-42421 (designed by Rolling Bricks)

Not Lego GM Ultralite MOC-42421 (designed by Rolling Bricks)
By: It's Not Lego Posted On: January 25, 2022 View: 315

Hey All!  I found this interesting little model on Aliexpress a few weeks ago. Thanks to Reddit user th3st0rmtr00p3r for helping me identify this vehicle as the GM Ultralite featured in the movie Demolition Man.  This not Lego vehicle was designed by Rollingbricks, whose instructions can be found on Rebrickable as MOC-42421.I'd say that this car is about the same size as Speed Champion models based on the tire size.The car is six studs wide but the windshield is only 4 studs wide.  The front appearance looks like one of those self driving electric vehicles.Very interesting concept to have this wrap around back panel that hides the rear wheels.If I could, I'd replace the red light with a trans-red piece for the taillights.One of the cool features of this model is the swing up gull wing doors on both sides.Interesting blue light on the roof, is it some kind of Lidar?I kind of wish the door design used clear windows instead of these black and trans-black bricks.According to the designer, this vehicle can fit two minifigures inside it.The instructions from Aliexpress for this model were on 2 sheets of paper which looked like it had been photocopied.  The model number on the instructions is M1721.I tried searching for Speed Champions but could only find one store on Aliexpress that has this model, so it will probably disappear soon.Anyways, that's my blog post for this week!  Enjoy and see you soon!

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