Unboxing and Building Pantasy 86218 221B Baker Street Set (Full Review)

Unboxing and Building Pantasy 86218 221B Baker Street Set (Full Review)
By: It's Not Lego Posted On: December 22, 2021 View: 247

Hey alt Lego brick fans!  Welcome back to another episode of It's Not Lego.  Today we will be unboxing and reviewing the Pantasy brand Sherlock Holmes 221B Baker Street building block set.   Use discount code ITSNOTLEGO at checkoutThis set depicts the interior of the fictional address of 221B Baker street, the domicile of Sherlock Holmes.  There are three rooms which you can build, the kitchen, the sitting room and the study.   This set reminds me of the layout of Lego Central Perk set and as you can see later in the details, it is roughly the same number of pieces.This is going to be a long post with lots of pictures, so let's get right into it! First off, I'd like to thank www.brickkk.com for sending me this set, complete with box.  Use discount code ITSNOTLEGO at checkout  The box art is beautifully detailed and very high quality.  The set colours really pop against the jet black background. Opening the box, we find a big instruction booklet with the name of the set which is 221B Baker St. and the Pantasy set number 86218.  The bricks for this set are neatly packaged in several pink and blue numbered bags.  I also got a 150 rmb/yuan discount card in the box, but not sure if I can use it for future purchases or not. The instruction booklet is prefaced by a few pages of intro and some pictures of the set highlights.  Although I couldn't get google translate to work with the wording, I'd imagine that the intro probably mentions that this set is officially authorised by the estate of Conan Doyle, the creator of the Sherlock Holmes franchise.On this page we can see the breakdown of the numbered steps and what part of the Sherlock Holmes set they pertain to.  Steps one and two build the kitchen, steps three and four build the study and the final steps five and six build the living room.Building the KitchenStep 1 consists of 3 bags of parts.This is what the first part of the kitchen looks like after completing step 1.  The primary colour of the kitchen is sand green with sand blue curtains and a dark green backsplash.  Lots of cupboards, a sink, a small stove and various pots and bowls and other assorted knick knacks.Although this set is supposed to be displayed from the front, the back wall is not without it's details, such as the flower box under the window.  Those little pieces are extras that came in step1.In case you were wondering, Pantasy provides a very pink free brick separator in the set.To finish off the kitchen display, there are two more bags of parts in step 2.One of the bags build the kitchen table and chairs.  Lots of bottles, a chicken leg and a microscope sit on the table.The other bag contains the minifigure Mrs. Hudson, Sherlocks' landlady, with a teapot.Building the StudyStep 3 consists of the three bags to build the study.The study room without any adornments.  Walls are dark red with brown strip floors.Here too, there is an exterior window treatment and flowering vine.  A few extra pieces as well.Step 4 contains three bags to complete the display of the study.Oh btw, I had a chuckle when I saw these instructions.  You really can't screw up this up!That deer head above the desk has to be my favourite piece of this set.  It just looks so cool.  Another cool item is the typewriter.   Rounding out the furnishings in the study is a floor lamp, a sofa, and a round table.Almost forgot to display the office chair and the extra pieces in this step.  The Dr. Watson minifigure appears in this step.Building the Sitting RoomStep 5 has four bags of parts.Constructing the sitting room floor.  Of note, there are some shiny gold tiles used on the area rug.This step builds the dark red walls and bookshelf of the sitting room.Step 6 has seven bags of parts to complete the display of the sitting room.A fireplace for the sitting room, complete with knife, metronome and a skull?Next up is another book case.Placing the fireplace and book case into the sitting room.Does Sherlock Holmes have a drinking problem?  We'll never know.A chess set and old school telephone.A hat rack and some kind of musical instrument.  Does it look like a violin to you?Ta-da!  The fully furnished sitting room with two chairs, a sheet music stand and wall sconce.   I'm not that familiar with the Sherlock Holmes franchise, so if there are easter eggs to some of the stories, I'm completely oblivious.   Please let me know!I realized I forgot to take a picture of Professor Moriarty earlier.  Anyways here are the four minifigures pictured together.  All of them have two faced heads.Here are the minifigures with their alternate faces.Each character has its own accessory.  Not sure if that gun Moriarty is holding is right for the times!Final thoughtsThis was a fun set to build.  So many cool little details and the minifigures are top notch.   For the most part the bricks used were near Lego quality in finish and clutch.  I did have a scratched door glass piece that was part of the sitting room book shelf, although the rest of the window glass was clear and scuff free.Another big plus to this set is that it doesn't use any stickers.  Here are all the printed pieces that came with the Baker Street display.I was curious about the total number of pieces in this set, so I took it upon myself to count up all the pieces.  The total is 1016 pieces, which does not include the parts to make up the four minifigures.   Additionally, there were 60+ pieces of extra parts.This makes the set similar in size to the Lego Central Perk set because I think that set is also between 1000 and 1100 pieces.I've seen people make a sitcom tower modular building consisting of the sets from Central Perk, Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld's Apartment and Bro Thor's Apartment.  I bet one could totally add this Sherlock Holmes set to the sitcom tower as another floor in the building.I'm not 100% sure but the Pantasy Brand Sherlock Holmes 221B Baker Street set can't be found anywhere else except on the www.brickkk.com website.   Use discount code ITSNOTLEGO at checkoutAnd, as a bonus of this writing, the set is on sale as part of brickKK's holiday sale.   Do check it out if you get a chance.Thanks for spending your precious time reading this blog post.   Take care and see you in the next post!   Bye!

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