Happy Build YC-QC009-2 Coco Colo truck

Happy Build YC-QC009-2 Coco Colo truck
By: It's Not Lego Posted On: November 12, 2021 View: 242

Hello and welcome back to Its-Not-Lego, my blog about the latest alternate Lego building sets that I've added to my collection.Today, I'll be looking at the 302 piece Coco Colo truck building set by Happy Build.  The set number is YC-QC009-2.  Coco Colo is obviously a take on Coca Cola and the logos are identical.  From a distance, you might not notice the difference in the spelling.  As part of this set, there is a sticker sheet, an instruction booklet and one minifigure.   Pictured above is the back of the instruction manual.  As you can see from the manual, there are four different trucks that come in the series.   I bought all four trucks from Aliexpress and will review the other trucks in the near future.  Clicking on the picture will take you directly to the Aliexpress listing I used to buy these trucks.The 302 pieces of this set are split between six bags.Normally, I don't like to apply stickers to my building sets, but I made an exception in this case because this truck would look pretty boring without the logos on it.  Those logos don't show up in sticker sheet above, because the of the white lettering.I built the truck following the instructions, but then I decided I didn't want all the stuff on the roof, so I went into my brick stash and found some smooth tiles to cover the roof of the truck.I made some slight modifications to the side panels as well.The Coco Colo truck has a vending machine built into the rear of the truck.Here's the minifigure that comes with the set.Good clutch on the bricks means my side panels will stay in the up position.Nothing to see here folks.I designed my roof so that it could be removed to store stuff inside the truck.Jammed packed with stuff!  Everything fits!The giant bottle was originally supposed to go on the roof of the truck, but I think I will keep it as a separate display piece.  I made a Coco Colo sign and flag from the provided stickers, they aren't part of the original set design.  Neither is the girl minifigure, she doesn't come with the set either.I like how the vending machine turned out because of the stickers.I thought that the vending machine on the rear of the truck looked so good, I wanted it as a stand alone display piece.  In its place I substituted a lift up panel door.Here's everything that comes with the Happy Build Coco Colo set and a little more!This truck set is hard to find on Aliexpress, so the way I search for it, is via the piece count which is 1197pcs.   This will bring up a few of the listings you see in the picture above.   You can buy only the ones you want or the entire set of four.Feel free to check out which Aliexpress store works best for you. Oh, and don't forget to use the coupons too!Bye for now!

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