Sherlock Holmes Apartment - Pantasy 86218 - exclusive

Sherlock Holmes Apartment - Pantasy 86218 - exclusive
By: It's Not Lego Posted On: November 02, 2021 View: 248

Hey alt brick fans!  Welcome back to !  Just wanted to share some pics of the newest Pantasy brand set, it's the Sherlock Holmes Apartment, set number is 86218.  Pictured above is the boxed set.  Use discount code ITSNOTLEGO at checkoutI snagged some of the pictures from the website, as I couldn't find any other site selling this cool set.  This set depicts the residence of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes which is located at 221B Baker Street in London England.I found this plaque on the wikipedia page for 221B Baker Street.There are four minifigures that come with this set, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, the landlady Mrs. Hudson and I can only surmise that the other minifigure is the criminal mastermind Professor James Moriarty.The set features three different rooms.  The first room is the kitchen where Mrs. Hudson prepares the daily tea she serves to Sherlock Holmes.   Here we see a well stocked kitchen with sand green walls, dark tiles on the floor, a large dining table and two chairs and curtains over the window.  On the table is an assortment of bottles and jars including a microscope.   The kitchen has lots of cupboard storage above the sink and counter.  There's even a single burner stove with a range hood and pot.  I really like all the different canisters of tea along the top of the cupboard.  I hope those are all printed pieces. The second room is the sitting room where Sherlock and Dr Watson make their deductions and solve the mysteries.  This room has burgundy coloured walls and hardwood floors.  In the sitting room, there's a fireplace with an assortment of nick knacks on the mantle and a big area rug under the two comfortable armchairs.  I'm very curious about what's in the closet next to the fireplace.   Other fun accessories include a table and chess set, a stand for sheet music, an old style rotary phone, a coat rack, book shelf and end tables.  Lots of old letters and newspapers litter the floor.I'm not sure if the third room is a continuation of the sitting room or represents an entirely different room.  Given that the walls and floor match the sitting room, I'm going to guess that this is just an extension of the sitting room.  In this room, there's a big orange sofa (reminds me of the sofa in the Friends Central Perk set).  There's a hutch and desk with typewriter and chair.  More letters and newspapers on the floor.  The most interesting set piece is the deer head with the large antlers. This is a set I would love to get and then incorporate into one of my existing modular buildings.  I found this picture of the 221B Baker Street.Coincidentally, the front facade of the Sherlock Holmes museum looks similar to the Juhang Garden Street modular building I just finished building.   I'm sure it would look awesome if I made some minor changes to the building and merged the two sets.Use discount code ITSNOTLEGO at checkoutFeel free to check out more pictures of this cool set at the website.  If you're interested, have it on sale for a special price right now.  Let me know what you think of this exclusive set by Pantasy and's it for now, see you in my next post!

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