Building the Juhang Garden Street modular 86012

Building the Juhang Garden Street modular 86012
By: It's Not Lego Posted On: October 02, 2021 View: 312

Hello, hello!  This is a bonus, behind the scenes post about the unbagging and building of the Juhang Garden Street modular 86012.  If you want to see the completed building, here's the post you want to check out.   But if you want to see the nitty gritty pictures of the build in process, stick around and look at this massive picture dump. Here's all the goodies: a 46 page instruction manual, 32x32 baseplate, Led lights, sticker sheet and ten bags of parts which are then subdivided further into smaller bags of parts.  The bags are numbered in accordance with the steps in the manual for the most part. This is a sample of the instructions in the manual. These are the parts for step 1. Step 1 completed.  Foundation is built and baseplate tiled. Bags for step 2. Step 2 continues build of the first floor.  This is the rear of the building. Step 2 completed. Parts for step 3. First floor nearly completed. First floor interior details. Parts for step 4.  Builds the curved extension on the main floor. Parts for step 5. Second floor partially completed. Parts for step 6. Second floor completed. Parts for step 7. Third floor construction. Step 7 completed. Parts for step 8 and a minor adjustment to the instructions. Step 8 completes the third floor. Step 9 builds the rooftop terrace. Step 10 parts builds the six minifigures, the delivery bicycle and the balloon cart. Step 10 completed! Thanks for visiting! Bye for now! Product - Expert City View Creative European Flower Street Puzzle Garden Villa Modular Model Building Blocks Brick Toys Kids Gift

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