LEGO BrickHeadz Chinese New Year Pandas (40466) Review

LEGO BrickHeadz Chinese New Year Pandas (40466) Review

The Lunar New Year is coming up in a few short weeks and LEGO has released a set to celebrate it with the Chinese New Year Pandas (40466) . The set has 249 pieces and retails for $19.99 and it features a mother panda along with two cubs.

The mother panda is in a sitting position. The build uses a number of the Brick 1X2X1 2/3 W/4 Knobs for the head which allows it to have details on all four sides. It has its own baseplate which includes a red lantern as well as a small mandarin orange tree. The tree also has a couple of small lanterns.

One of the baby pandas is also in a sitting position. Like its mother, the head uses the specialized bricks for the head but in a smaller scale. It also comes with a bamboo stalk.

The other cub is similar to the other one except that the legs are straight and there’s a Technic hole in the back to connect to the baseplate. This makes it look like it’s either sleeping or playfully frolic on the floor. It also has a stalk of bamboo.

Overall, it’s nice to see LEGO expand on the the Lunar New Year celebration but the LEGO BrickHeadz Chinese New Year Pandas (40466) seem to be somewhat lacking something. The mother panda and her baseplate are the best things from it and I do like the detailing in the tree. They are cute and I have them displayed on my shelf but the price … Continue