Weather or not you like this mech, it’s great

When looking for hyper-realistic mechs with great part usage, you know you can count on Marco Marozzi to provide the goods. The Marine N3 Mech feels even more realistic than usual, too, with that great weathering. But don’t discount the minifigure rebreather accessory in the helmet, the snowshoes in the feet, and those decidedly old-school Throwbot visors as shoulder pads. Marco is sometimes known for bending LEGO “purist” rules and incorporating parts from “other leading brick brands”, and I think I see a few of them here, too. But once again, I can’t complain because the end result is just so sweet.

The N3 looks great from the back, too. The exposed hoses and gearing make it seem a little more vulnerable from this angle. Somehow I think this mech was built with frontal assaults in mind.

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