LEGO Amelia Earhart Tribute (40450) Review

The LEGO Amelia Earhart Tribute (40450) promotion starts in a few days but we get to have a quick early look at the set. It has 203 pieces and you can get it from March 6-14 for free with purchases of $100 or more, while supplies last. Stuffed inside the box include five numbered bags, a couple of loose pieces, the instruction booklet, and a small sticker sheet.

There is only one minifigure in this set which is Amelia Earhart. She has on a brown leather jacket with a tan scarf around her neck. She only has a single-sided head showing her with a smile. An aviator helmet with goggles completes her look. She has a stickered route map tile as an accessory. I like how the minifigure turned out as it pretty much is a replica of her iconic look as seen in the history books.

The first part of the build is the red Lockheed Vega 5B which Amelia used to fly solo across the Atlantic. It may not seem like it, but there are a lot of parts that go into the plane, especially the body. It uses a SNOT technique to put the two halves of the plane together. Running across the plane is a yellow stripe although the real plane had gold stripes.

The wings on the front has a couple of stickers showing the FAA Registry NR-7952 as well as the fin on the back. The fin also has a couple of stickers showing the Lockheed logo.

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