Vic Viper Firefighters

After a slightly long hiatus, I’m finally back with a build of my own. I’ve been working with The Brothers Brick since May, so some of you might be familiar with the name Chris Burden from my articles. But prior to joining the team, I was known mainly by my Instagram handle, @Benny_burd . It’s taken me a year to get to it but I finally have proper photos of my Vic Viper from last year. This fire-fighting craft is commonly seen in ports, responding to engine failures or collisions. These beefy platforms can provide support to the Coast Guard, Navy, and Orbital forces for rescue missions or forest fire suppression. Strong forks armed with water cannons extend out from a bulky body. Perched atop the main engine section, a break-away glider houses the main pilot of the vessel sandwiched between two more water cannons. The wings are adjustable for optimal atmospheric travel while fixed tailfins extend out above the engines.

The engines are beefy, powerful machines full of greeble. Smaller boosters on the wings of the glider pale in comparison to the hoses and supports in the main engines. The clamp for the deployable raft is down as they prepare to launch a rescuer into the flaming, oily water I tried to represent in the stand. The whole thing is perched atop six different single bar supports with a technic frame to hold the body.

I love to add a lot of features for my Minifigures to interact with, putting myself in the mindset of my childhood self. Creating a story for them, making them into their own characters, makes the magic while I’m building. A fire and rescue Vic Viper seemed like a fun concept but it needed to have more than just some water cannons. So I made the top glider portion break away to reveal a control platform and raft deployment section. The thought was that the glider could survey and fight less affected areas, while the “raft” could float and focus on heavier burns.

It’s a pleasure to share my own creation with you all and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed building it.
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