2021 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 1

2021 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 1

Happy holidays to all of our fellow LEGO builders! As is tradition, we at The Brothers Brick will be opening our advent calendars as we count down to Christmas. We’ll also be sharing commentary on each one, which we hope will provide insight and hilarity to your holiday season!

In 2021, we’re seeing the return of Harry Potter, Star Wars, City and Friends as advent calendar sets. Marvel is being introduced as a newcomer to the regular lineup of advent calendars, and boy was it fun to open those. Check out our daily advent build review below, starting with Day 1.

We’ll start with Star Wars: It was easy to recognize this splendid little build of the Razorcrest, first seen in  The Mandalorian . It’s kind of chonky. And adorable.
This year’s Harry Potter builds are from  The Sorcerer’s Stone  (Spoilers: each Harry Potter build is part of a game you can play on the box). The Privet Drive sign with a Hogwarts letter is fun. If you have The Dursley’s House set, this will be a great add-on to it. But blasting off the ground is the real star of today: Tony Stark in an ugly Christmas sweater!

For City and Friends, we opened what looked like a simple bus and a microdoll with a small gift and stocking.

They’re cute, but are they really that fun? Let’s consult with our contributors to see what they thought of Day 1’s advent calendar builds.

Ry: Wow they went AAA on day one for Marvel and Star Wars!

Bart:   Is it a Christmas stocking or a sleeping bag?

Alexander:  What a start for Star Wars fans! Fantastic, swooshable build. The City fish tank isn’t as swooshable… unless…

Andrew: Is that a terrarium on wheels?

Adam:   It’s the Subway restaurant version of the Oscar Meyer Hot Dog Car.

Chris: That little Razor Crest is excellent, and still different from last year’s. And Tony’s sweater is wonderful. The only thing that could make it better is if it lit up.

CJ: Love that Tony’s “ugly sweater” has an arc-reactor snowflake design. Also, totally fits his character to show up on day one! I wish the Friends stocking didn’t have that square edge behind the toe, but at least you get a creepy mini-doll to compensate for it…

Flynn:  I’ll have to disagree with my esteemed colleague. I find Friends minidolls and these “microdolls” in particular to be delightful and a great addition to the Friends line. The micro Razorcrest is an eye-catcher and perfectly built. And who could say no to that amazing Iron man sweater? If only they made it in human size! The HP Privet Drive sign seems a bit of a cop-out but makes more sense in the larger picture of the calendar.

Daniel: I agree that the Razor Crest is far superior to last year’s version. I also love the city bus. It would fit in perfectly with a larger microscale city design.

And that’s a wrap for Day 1! Join us tomorrow for Day 2 of the 2021 LEGO Advent Calendar builds!
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