Top 10 Worst Selling, Unpopular & Awful LEGO Themes of All Time Ever Released In The World

Top 10 Worst Selling, Unpopular & Awful LEGO Themes of All Time Ever Released In The World

In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 worst selling, unpopular and awful LEGO themes of all time ever made and released in the world. For reference, we only looked at LEGO themes within the last 15 years (since 2007). We did not look at or include LEGO themes prior to 2007. They are our own opinions and thoughts. These LEGO themes are not too popular and usually only have 1-2 waves of LEGO sets to accompany the theme. If a theme is popular and sells well, LEGO usually continues to make many waves of LEGO sets for the LEGO theme. Many of these LEGO sets are no longer available at the official LEGO Shop at Home ( USA  |  Canada  |  UK  |  Australia ).
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Top 10 Worst Selling, Unpopular & Awful LEGO Themes of All Time Ever Released In The World 
These are the top 10 worst selling, unpopular and awful LEGO themes of all time ever made and released in the world (since 2007). Below are our opinions and thoughts. Let us know if we missed anything!
1) LEGO Life of George
LEGO Life of George was the first theme that bought in augmented reality (bringing toys to life). It was launched in 2011. Basically, you create your own 2D models and use the Life of George app to scan it. There are 12 levels in the game and it can be played either in novice or expert mode.

2) LEGO Fusion
LEGO Fusion was launched in 2014 and was an upgrade to the previous LEGO Life of George theme. The whole theme was available in North America only as LEGO tests the market. It was discontinued in 2015. Just like LEGO Life of George, users create 2D models and scan it using the mobile phone LEGO Fusion app. The actual physical toy set build wasn’t that great as LEGO probably focused more on developing the app digital play experience.

3) LEGO Ben 10: Alien Force
LEGO Ben 10: Alien Force theme was introduced in 2010. This was a licensed theme with Cartoon Network. LEGO Ben 10 figures are similar to LEGO Bionicle and LEGO Hero Factory. There weren’t many pieces in each LEGO Ben 10 set as they all contained less than 25 pieces. The whole theme was a bust and only six LEGO Ben 10 sets were ever released. This theme was discontinued within the same year it was introduced in 2010.

4) LEGO Aqua Raiders
LEGO Aqua Raiders theme was launched in 2007. Within the same year, the theme was discontinued due to poor sales. There were only a total of 7 LEGO Aqua Raider sets released in that year. LEGO Aqua Raiders was an underwater theme where a team goes and look for treasures. They face various dangers from other sea creatures like sharks and lobsters. The whole LEGO Aqua Raiders storyline doesn’t have much substance which could have been the reason why it wasn’t too successful and popular. A more successful underwater LEGO theme was released in 2010 as part of LEGO Atlantis. LEGO Atlantis lasted for about two years.

5) LEGO Angry Birds
LEGO partnered with the popular Rovio Angry Birds App Game. Six LEGO Angry Bird sets were released to support the 2016 Angry Birds Movie. The whole LEGO Angry Birds theme lasted from 2016 to 2017 with no additional sets being released. It was a little weird not to have LEGO minifigures for angry birds. But then again, the shape and size of Angry Bird creatures don’t really fit the LEGO minifigure format. Also, its a little late that LEGO is releasing Angry Birds sets. They should have probably started partnering with Rovio a few years earlier when the Angry Birds game was a lot more popular.

6) LEGO Dimensions
LEGO Dimensions was probably one of the first major semi-successful augmented reality themes after LEGO Fusion. It was a partnership between Traveller’s Tales, Warner Brothers and LEGO. This theme was launched in 2015. The LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack contains the video game and the LEGO toy with minifigures. There are also level packs and character packs as well. Some people liked the video game, but the toy to life concept isn’t as popular as LEGO would thought it would be. There were also certain licensed minifigures in some of the LEGO Dimensions products that were quite popular as well. Though, due to poor sales, the whole LEGO Dimensions theme lasted only 2-3 years before it was cancelled and discontinued.

The LEGO VIDIYO theme was launched released in 2021. These LEGO VIDIYO products allow you to have a music video maker experience. LEGO Group partnered with Universal Music to bring these LEGO VIDIYO products. There is a LEGO VIDIYO app with augmented reality that brings music to life. Due to partnership with Universal Music and the extra features, many of these LEGO VIDIYO products like the BeatBoxes don’t have much pieces in them considering the price they are charging. With that said, you can probably find many LEGO VIDIYO sets on sale at a good price as the whole theme doesn’t seem to be selling too well.

8) LEGO Trolls World Tour
The LEGO Trolls World Tour theme was made available in 2020. It is a licensed theme with Universal Pictures Dreamworks Animation. Due to the COVID pandemic, the Trolls World Tour movie was released simultaneously with theatres and video on demand on April 10, 2020. The budget of the movie was about $100 million and the box office was only $50 million. Ratings for the movie weren’t too high either which probably led to the LEGO Trolls World Tour sets to be not too popular as well. Just like the LEGO VIDIYO theme, you can probably find LEGO Trolls World Tour sets at good discounted price at various retailers.

9) LEGO Hidden Side
The LEGO Hidden Side theme was released in 2019 and was based on the principle of capturing and hunting ghosts. It was an augmented reality LEGO theme that brings physical LEGO Hidden Side toy sets to life. The digital world was the hidden side where you can capture ghosts. The theme was discontinued near the end of 2020. However, you could still find many of the LEGO Hidden Side sets in 2021. There were lots of savings from 30-50% off. The whole theme probably only lasted two years as it wasn’t selling too well. The LEGO Hidden Side augmented reality experience wasn’t too popular as many people just prefer the regular LEGO toy set builds.

10) LEGO Masters Building Academy 
The LEGO Masters Building Academy Theme was the replacement of LEGO Brickmaster Magazine. Paid subscription to the Brickmaster magazines used to feature an exclusive set that you get with each magazine. With the LEGO Masters Building Academy paid subscription, you go through a series of LEGO MBA sets complete with design handbooks. It was more expensive than the LEGO Brickmaster Magazine subscription. The whole theme started in 2011 and lasted until 2013. It was primarily available in the USA market. LEGO should have made this program more widely available but we assume they were just testing the market first in the USA.

These are the top 10 worst selling, unpopular and awful LEGO themes of all time ever released in the world since 2007. In general, augmented reality (bringing physical toys to life) doesn’t seem to be too popular. People either prefer just digital world or physical toys. Many people though still like the physical LEGO toy sets and minifigures in the augmented reality LEGO products. Though, it is nice that LEGO is trying different innovative toy ideas which give customer more variety of LEGO options. LEGO themes with weak storylines or licensed themes with unpopular movies to support it tend to result in poor sales for LEGO as well.
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