Lepin Store 36013 Review (clone of Lego 40305)

 Hi All, look what the postman left at my front door yesterday.  It's the Lepin version of the "Microscale Lego store 40305".   The Lepin brand store set number is 36013 and it has 405+ pieces.

 The Lepin set was tightly packed into a smallish box.  Contents of the box include the multi-page instruction manual, sticker sheet and ten clear plastic bags of brick parts.
The Lepin manual is copied from the Lego manual because it only shows 4 bags of parts.

Nice to see that the clear window parts are packaged separately.  My window parts were all scratch free.
The Lepin store includes two minifigures, a guy with floral shirt and a small boy with white hoodie and red cap.  I'm going to have to replace the  hands of the small boy because don't fit into his arms.
Let's review the building details now.  The store front consists of a large window and door.  I haven't yet placed the Lepin sign over the door yet.

There's a bank machine at the side of the building.  Is that Lego's way of saying how expensive their sets have become?  Ie. You probably didn't bring enough money, so you need to spend more to buy our sets.  Luckily my Lepin brand store was about half the price of the Lego version.
The back of the store is open and there's a cash register and a pick a brick parts wall.  Some sets are also displayed in the front window.

On the other wall, there are product boxes, for which I still haven't applied the stickers yet.
A quick peek from above.  There's also a yellow bin for parts or polybags. The second floor of the Lepin brand store has two large windows and two red flags.  Yellow awnings over the windows. There's windows on both sides of the building.  You can pop them out easily, although I'm not sure why you would want to.
The second floor has a bin with shield and a table for making your own minifigs.  There's more product on the wall between the front windows.
Here's the second floor attached to the first.  Brick clutch is good, however I find the brick plastic to be a bit on the soft side.
 And here's the completed roof.
Tada, the completed Lepin store 36013.

 Hey look, there's the not so official Lepin store mascot girl.   She arrived just in time to receive the latest shipment of the Lepin building sets.   If you need the Blue Brick girl, just search Aliexpress for PG8151 or PG1243 (Pogo brand minifigure).  There's also a red Brick boy minifigure PG1242 not pictured here.

 The Lepin delivery minifigures are actually from the Lepin Roller Coaster set 15039.  Also pictured is the Lepin Delivery Truck 02036.

I finally put the Lepin sticker on the store.  The sticker quality isn't that good, as you can hardly make out the wording.

Here's the Lepin store removable panels .
Finally, here's a few spare parts I got with the Lepin store.   The Lepin store is a nice addition to anyone's City layout.  I plan on making the Lepin store a full modular building for my Its-Not-Lego town in the near future. Thanks for looking! Set name:  The Lepin store Set number:  36013 Clone of:  Lego 40305 Number of pieces: 405+ Number of minifigs: 2 Score:  5 out of 5