Wake up and smell the coffee

Nothing starts the day off better than a good cup of joe, and where better to get your caffeine hit than at Andy’s Café. Built by Norton 74 , this coffee stand boasts a beautiful retro modernist design, with an elegant curved façade, bustling terrace and funky coffee cup signage. The iconic ‘we’re here’ arrow makes sure you don’t pass this one by.

The interior is a barista’s paradise, overflowing with coffee grinders, an espresso machine, sprinkles, syrups and pastries. In amongst it all are some lovely LEGO techniques: simple touches like the placement of white cones on single studs to suggest stacked cups.

Round the back we get to see the business side of the operation. A vintage truck delivers produce while a stray dog hangs out by the overflowing trashcans. It also gives Norton the chance to show us some further flourishes, like the use of hollow studs placed behind a turntable base to suggest an extractor fan vent. It’s these little details that make this build, like its coffee, so rich and full of flavour.

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