LEGO Toy Story 4 sets unveiled at 2019 New York Toy Fair [News]

Live from the show floor at the  2019 New York Toy Fair , we’re bringing you all the new product reveals from Toy Story 4, available starting in April. The sets include carnival rides, an RV adventure, and characters new and old.

10770 Buzz & Woody’s Carnival Mania! – $49.99 USD | 69.99 CAD – 230 pcs
This set features carnival games, bumper cars, a “Terrorantulus” ride and an ice cream stand. Minifigures include Woody (with normal sized legs this time), Buzz Lightyear, Bo-Peep, Ducky and Bunny.

10769 Toy Story 4 RV Vacation – $34.99 USD | 49.99 CAD – 178 pcs
This set features an RV excursion complete with a campground and more. Minifigures include Jessie, Rex, a toy Alien, Bunny, Ducky, and the brand new (and quite quirky) character, Forky.

110771 Carnival Thrill Coaster – $19.99 USD | 24.99 CAD – 98 pcs
This carnival ride features a round of roller coaster track with bug-themed cars and a snack stand. Minifigures include Buzz Lightyear and another toy Alien.

10766 Woody RC – $9.99 USD | 13.99 CAD – 69 pcs
This simple set features a buildable RC, a minifigure of Woody, and three micro-green army men.

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