Set your sights on this Scandinavian sea house

Certain builders have a distinct flavor running through their models, certain ingredients that make every build a masterpiece. Sarah Beyer is one of those crafty LEGO creators who I’m really starting to enjoy for the tranquility imbued in each of her models. Take a look back at her Lilium eco-house , the Vanilla House , or even the Jungle Cottage : there’s a clean simplicity in the homes she’s built, and a bit of a running theme of how each unique abode is connected to the natural environment it’s been built in. Now, compare her previous models to her latest production, a Scandinavian retreat by the sea.

There are elements at play here that remind me of previous models — striped colors, slanted roofs, delicate furniture, bountiful greenery… And that I can’t help but want to live there .

The furniture, though simple, helps to embellish the peaceful life the owners of this home might have, watching the waves crash against the rocks below while seagulls caw outside the window. I don’t think you can often call a LEGO model soothing, but Sarah’s work makes a good argument.

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