Equip the LEGO Apex Legends Wingman and become the Champion [Video]

Games in the Titanfall universe are some of the best first-person shooter games I’ve played, and the surprise free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends is no exception. 20 squads of three enter, one survives, making for a tense spinoff game. My favorite sidearm from Titanfall is the Wingman revolver, and it returns in Apex with increased effectiveness. So, of course, I just had to create a LEGO Wingman for the LEGO gaming arsenal .

The most interesting feature of the Wingman is its reload function. Throwing a switch above the trigger expands the black rails and unlocks the ammo cylinder for removal. I couldn’t get the function switch-activated, but all other parts work including the cylinder lock.

A rare find within Apex Legends is a “fully-kitted” Wingman, equipped with Skullpiercer Rifling, 12-round cylinder, and variable-zoom holosight. There is no visual representation of Skullpiercer Rifling in game, but the high-capacity cylinder is shown with a higher number on the ammo counter. Also attached is the holosight, built with a wide-open aperture for easy aiming.

See the functions in action with comparisons to the in-game version of the Wingman in this video.

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