LEGO Creator Ford Mustang Keychain (5005822)

Today is the release day for the LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) and the free promotional gift to go with the set is the Ford Mustang Keychain (5005822). The promotion runs from now until March 10, while supplies last.

As you can see, the keychain comes in a resealable bag and is attached to a cardboard hanger. The keychain itself is a spinner variety where one side of it shows the LEGO logo and the other has the Ford Mustang logo. There’s also a smaller attachment that has the LEGO VIP logo.

If you purchased your set in store, LEGO is also giving away a cool bumper sticker that says, “My other car is a Mustang” and it encourages you to share an image of your car with the sticker on social media.

The LEGO Creator Ford Mustang Keychain (5005822) is a very nice promo item and you can get it for free with your LEGO Creator Ford Mustang (10265) purchase. It has some decent weight to it and the bumper sticker is a nice bonus although I won’t be using it. The keychain won’t show up when you use the dropdown to check the cart but it will be there when you actually go checkout. Supplies are limited but if you decide to wait on it, it potentially runs into the Marvel Bricktober set promotion as that one is now supposed to start on March 8. That’s if LEGO has enough of the keychains in stock online.
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