Xingbao XB-1401D Home Furnishings Gym Building Set Review

Hey, welcome back!  Time for another not Lego set review.  This one is the Xingbao brand Home Furnishings series XB-1401D, the Gym.  I acquired this set a while back, but I was thinking about making a gym out of one of my modulars, and one set wouldn't be enough, so I bought another one. A reminder that Xingbao makes their own Lego like sets but these are not cloned or bootlegs of Lego sets, so if you are a Lego fan and want to buy this set, you won't feel guilty about it.  My reviews of the some of the other Xingbao Home Furnishings series can be found here .

There are six bags of parts but not I'm not sure what the actual part count is.  There's lots of accessories as we will see later.

 Instructions to build the gym come via a two-sided instruction sheet. So, since I bought my first Gym set and this new one, it looks like Xingbao has changed the mini-figure style.  The first one was like the Lego style and the new one has different arms and legs.  The legs on the new set already came pre-attached to the torso for the new figure, so I just had to assemble the ball joints for the arms and insert them into the torso.  Be careful though, these parts are really small.  The hands they use remind me of the ones used by Sluban brand minifigures.

So here's the gym room almost assembled.   It has a yellow tiled floor and two walls, one in dark orange and another in tan colour.  It makes a nice contrast.  There's also two windows with glass, that came packed separately in their own bag to prevent scratches. What I really like about this set is the amount of accessories you get like this first example of  realistic looking gym mats.
Here's a cool little stool.  In case you were wondering, the first generation of the Xingbao Gym mini figure is shown here.  A punching bag!   No gloves are included in the set though, boo.
Gotta have some tunes while one is working out, so here's a cool ghetto blaster (do they still call them that?).

 Got a hoop but no ball either, damn.  The two bros are really flexing it with these dumbbells.  With the two figures side by side, you can see some differences in their track pants.  The older one has a black piping down his left leg, but both have the Spirit logo on their legs.  I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a storage locker or what, but it's tall! Nice little treadmill.  After I took the picture, I realized I used the wrong parts on the treadmill.  There are two printed pieces that make up the information console on the treadmill.  I swapped in the right pieces in subsequent pictures.  This workout bench looks like it will do the job.  The headrest will move up and down. A small table and mug is another cool accessory.  Finally, The larger weights are finished in a metallic silver.  The weight stand comes in a metallic pewter finish.  Nice!  Here's the extra parts that were leftover after building the gym.  The sticks were supposed to go on the window wall, but I added some of the surplus technic washers to make extra dumb bells. Here are some bonus pictures of the latest minifigure showing off his flexibility. You can pretty much extend his arms all the way out perpendicular to his body.  Or you can bend his arms upwards. Even walk like an egyptian, lol.

Both figures come with back printing. This is how the complete Xingbao Gym set looks like, minus the extra minifigure of course.  And this is how it looks like when you put two of the gym sets together.  In the near future, I hope to build a new modular building that can incorporate all of the gym accessories into a single place, but make it look a little more cohesive and spaced out.  I've already got some extra gym worthy minifigures on order.
I really had fun with this build and can definitely recommend the set.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures and as always, feel free to leave your comments and questions in the box below.   See you next time! Brand:  Xingbao Series:  Home Furnishings Set number: XB1401D Number of pieces:  Unknown Number of minifigures: One Rating: 5 out of 5 for all the accessories and play value.