Lepin 15009 Petshop Modular Building Set - Part One

Welcome back!  It's been over 2 years since I bought the Lepin 15009 Pet Shop, and I just finally got around to building half of it.  Let's take a quick look. There's two buildings in this 2032 piece set.  Big enough to fill up this blue bin.  For this post I will concentrate on the Pet Shop.  The adjoining Townhouse will be reviewed in a separate post.
As I'm putting this together, I notice that the layout is very efficient and would make a good template for my future custom modular buildings.  I like the foldable staircase going to the second floor and the adjoining store front. Having said that, I do find that there's a lot of wasted space in the back.  It would have been better if the Lego designer had increased the depth of the modular by 2 or 3 studs.  Currently, there's enough room in the Pet Shop for 2 kennels, a fish tank and a bird stand.
There's also a little table and cash register.  I've got all these Friends style pets that I can finally use now in the pet shop.  If I expand the footprint of the building, I can add more kennels and use up some more of the animal figures. Second floor of the pet shop under construction.  Don't mind the mess.  While the second floor is adequately furnished, I wasn't particularly enamored with the furniture.  I decided to completely remove the fireplace and the moved the provided coffee maker to the stairwell wall.  I also replaced the chair that came with the pet shop with a sofa instead.  The dog minifigure is originally from the main floor kennel but he got adopted by the girl minifigure.  Sorry, but she doesn't come with the set. Second floor updated.  Second floor rear view.
 Pulling away the front facade gives a better view of the second floor flat.
 I need to start changing all my modular buildings so that walls can be pulled away for viewing.  It definitely makes picture taking easier.

The third floor consists of a bed and and a lamp (not shown).  I changed the bed from green to pink, just to use up some pink brinks.   The open concept wastes a lot of space.  I don't particularly like the three windows on the third floor.
 Third floor exterior.
 If I had to change this model, it would be to increase the footprint of each level of the building.  The third floor would benefit from the addition of a bathroom if there were more floor space available.

 Just a few more pics.
There are four minifigures that come with the pet shop set.  There's one minifig face that looks different than the rest.  I'm not sure if it's a one-off misprint problem or if this is consistent on all the Lepin pet shop sets. I've now decided that I will definitely start tearing the building down to rebuild it and make it larger on all levels.   Time to get to work, soon you soon!