Take a stroll down a stunning brick-built street

For a Western audience, this collection of buildings by 磊 耿 is a striking break from the more familiar architecture usually seen in a LEGO street scene, with a wonderful variety of styles. But regardless of where you’re from, you’re bound to be impressed by the sheer quality of the building work on display. Pagoda roofs vie with castle spires for attention, and “big” certainly doesn’t mean bland, with an impressive depth of texture and interesting colour schemes across all the structures.

I particularly liked the blue-roofed pagoda building, which definitely merits a closer look at its shaped roof, corner towers, hanging lanterns, and wonderful touches of colour detailing…

Like the best LEGO buildings, this structure rewards viewing from any angle and at all levels. Even the lowest tier of the structure is beautifully-built, with extensive use of textured bricks for detail, delicious gold patterning on the walls, and a smart set of stairs to street-level.

Although all the buildings in the street are impressive work, the pagodas are a standout for me — simply stunning LEGO creations which I would love to see in-the-brick one day.

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