Home Media Release Dates for “LEGO Movie 2” Announced

It’s been over a month since the premiere of “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.” Compared to its original film from 2014, the sequel had been a stark underperformer throughout its theatrical run. Perhaps the onslaught of movie spinoffs in the intervening years resulted in franchise fatigue for LEGO and Warner Bros’ key audiences.
In any case, there’s not much that can be done to increase the $171 million worldwide box office of “LEGO Movie 2.” The best course now is to transition towards home media . That means releasing in the two general formats of “digital” and “physical disc.”
Warner Bros. Pictures has pegged April 16 for the release of the digital version of “LEGO Movie 2.” This can be preordered right now on both iTunes and Google Play, with a guaranteed arrival on release day. In the meantime, the physical home media versions of the film (4K UHD, Blu-Ray and DVD) will release two months onward, May 7 th .

“The LEGO Movie 2” reunites most of the star-studded 2014 cast such as Chris Pratt (reprising main character Emmet and voicing a new character at the same time), Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett, plus newcomers Tiffany Haddish and Stephanie Beatriz. It involves Emmet going on a trip to save his friends who were abducted by the alien Duplons from the Systar System, before a mysterious cataclysmic event can take place.
The 4K UHD and Blu-Ray home versions of “LEGO Movie 2” have these bonus features:

Everything is Awesome Sing-along
Filmmakers’ Commentary

They Come in Pieces: Assembling “The LEGO Movie 2” ​ – voice cast featurette
Emmet’s Holiday Party: A LEGO Movie Short

LEGO Sets in Action – “LEGO Movie 2” tie-in sets being animated

LEGO Designers – interview with the designers of the movie tie-in sets
Outtakes & Deleted Scenes

Super Cool Music Video (with Beck, featuring Robyn and The Lonely Island)
Promotion Spots

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