A microscale recreation of Predjama Castle from Slovenia

Seeing one of your national icons made in LEGO always gives a wholesome sense of civic pride, like the Mount Rushmore build we shared recently surely did for our American readers. However, living in a small country like Slovenia as I do can make such events scarce at best. Luckily for me, Isaac Snyder has given me this satisfaction and luckily for you, he has informed you about the largest cave castle in the world. Predjama Castle was first mentioned in 1274 as a small defensive fortress built inside a cavern with 6,5 kilometres of cave systems and a vertical 130-meter high cliff behind it. In 1570 it was expanded in the Renaissance style and remains this way to the present day.

The microscale build captures the real castle perfectly, as you can see from the reference used by Isaac. The build looks simple at first glance, until you start looking at the seams between bricks and notice how many difficult half-plate offsets and angles are scattered throughout the build. The landscaping is spot-on too, from the slanted cliff extending over the castle to the grass-covered hillside below. My favourite part is the staggered bricks on the side of the rightmost tower

In researching this article, I dug out a Brickshelf folder of a minifig-scale version by Subix  built in 2010. This creation uses a building style and techniques that are more on the simple side, but goes into extreme detail regarding proportions and architectural detail.

And another microscale version was built by Legolas , back in 2010 just like Subix’s version. The photography is quite immersive with the low angle, and despite the rocks’ simpler construction, they portray the cavern’s imposing impression even better than Issac’s. The architectural details are captured well in this build, but the atmospheric photography angle is what makes it so good.

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