This motorhead is monkeying around!

Builder Vincent Kiew presents his latest LEGO creation combining both System and Technic, and it’s an eye-catching racing scene that features a grinning gorilla gear-shifting through the grass!

There’s a convenient storage crate in back for all the accessories needed for an afternoon joyride around the jungle in the off-road racer.

Here you can see the water bottle, skateboard, and even the remote control for driving the Power Functions-equipped truck around.

Even without his monster truck, this ape with his skateboard and slingshot are too cool for school– just look at those hip sunglasses!

I don’t know if my subconscious is trying to tell me something but maybe I need to trade my commuter car for a 4×4 because one of the last LEGO models I posted about was another cool offroading truck .
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