Superfast redhead has the Italian look

It can be difficult to capture the smooth flowing lines of a beautiful sports car in LEGO without stepping up to a large scale. However Firas Abu-Jaber has managed to make this formidable challenge look easy with this excellent brick-built Ferrari Testarossa. The name means ‘Redhead’ in Italian, so naturally the colour scheme fits its inspiration, but the iconic shape of the famous supercar is also spot-on, with pop-up headlights, an impressively-raked windshield, and those long arcs over the wheels. However, the signature element to this car’s design was always the multiple slash intakes on the vehicle’s flanks, and here they’re recreated perfectly. Lovely building.

Not content with nailing the sumptuous curves of the car’s exterior, Firas has gone the extra mile and included a detailed interior complete with leather-look seats and a dashboard stuffed with instrumentation…

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