LEGO Star Wars Clone Scout Walker – 20th Anniversary Edition (75261) Review

Continuing on my reviews of the LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary Edition sets, the next set I’ll be taking a look at is the Clone Scout Walker (75261) . It has 250 pieces and retails for $29.99. Like with the Imperial Dropship (75261) , this set could be considered an army builder set if you want to build the Battle of Kashyyyk scene.

The first couple of pages of the instructions does a quick comparison of te Clone Scout Walker to the original one from 2005. It also talks about Darth Vader by giving a short bio of the character. Lastly there’s a two-page spread showing the Battle of Kashyyyk where the weapons and characters of this set was based on.

There are four minifigures in this set, Kashyyyk Trooper, Wookiee Warrior, Battle Droid, and the 20th Anniversary Darth Vader.
The Kashyyyk Trooper is the same one that appears in the AT-AP Walker (75234) . The camo deco torso has some printing of some pouches on the front and back. The legs are mostly brown with some more of the camo on the front. The head is your standard Clone Trooper head and the helmet is an updated version of the Scout Trooper helmet with some camouflauge on the front and sides. His accessory is just a blaser.

The Wookiee Warrior is new minifigure that has a new printing on the Wookiee head/body mold. The torso itself is plain brown and the legs have some printing of the fur on the front. The accessory is a brown flintlock rifle.

The Battle Droid is the tan version that we’ve seen before in previous years.

Lastly, we have the 20th Anniversary Darth Vader who has in the same attire that was first seen back in 1999. The front of the torso shows a simple version of his suit and the back shows the 20 Years of LEGO Star Wars logo on the back which is what makes this minifigure special. The head looks similar to the original Vader head but it looks to be a slightly different shade of gray. His accessory is the iconic red lightsaber with a chrome hilt.

The first part of the build is a small trench section that has a gun with a blast shield. It uses mostly the three toe claw piece which you get seven of in this set. The rifle is on some hinges so you are able to aim it slightly.

The next part of the build is a DSD1 dwarf spider droid. It walk on four legs which funny enough are made out of Battle Droid torsos on some hinge plates. The blaser cannon on the front is stud shooter to give it more playability. The eyes are some trans-red 1×1 round plates on a telephone. The head itself is uses some hemisphere pieces to give it a wide range of motion. The antenna on the top uses a fencing sword.

Finally we have the Clone Scout Walker which takes up most of the parts of the set. Also known as the AT-RT, it is a bipedal vehicle that has seating for a clone trooper driver which in this case is the Kashyyyk Trooper. The front of it has a blast shield which is somewhat larger than the source material. Right under it is a stud shooter for the nose mounted blast cannon that is able to rotate. Behind the seat are a couple of antennas. One thing to note is that on the sides of the cockpit are some hydralics which makes you think that they are connected but they actually aren’t.

The legs are the chicken walker style with the rear facing knee joints. Click hinges are used for the joints so there’s a stable base for the cockpit area. This is further reinforced by the wide claw shaped feet.

As I mentioned before, the LEGO Star Wars Clone Scout Walker – 20th Anniversary Edition (75261) is good army builder set but I do suggest that you get it at a discount. Luckily, Amazon has it on sale for 20% off as of this writing. I do like the updated Kashyyyk Trooper and the exclusive Darth Vader minifigures but the Battle Droid is somewhat disappointing since we’ve gotten so many of them in the past.
As for the builds, the bunker trench is an okay addition but I do like the spider droid which makes good use of the hemisphere pieces for the head. The Clone Scout Walker is a decent size and the updates for it are more screen accurate. There are only a handful of stickers that give some more detailing to the walker.

Thank you to LEGO for sending in this set for me to review. The content above represents my own opinion and not the company. Review sets sent in does not guarantee a positive review.
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