Box Images of LEGO Toy Story 4 Tie-In 4+ Sets Revealed

We never expected it but it’s coming anyway. Disney and Pixar will have “Toy Story 4” arriving in cinemas this June, with a new (and again, potential storyline-concluding) adventure for Woody, Buzz and friends. As a major LEGO licensing partner, tie-in sets for the film are coming ahead of premiere.
In fact, two of these LEGO Toy Story 4 sets were already found on sale at US Target stores . Now, Target Australia has done one better by offering our first look at the official box images. Not only do we have Duke Caboom’s Stunt Show (10767) and Buzz & Bo Peep’s Playground Adventure (10768), we have four more sets previewed.

Woody & RC (10766) – $9.99

RV Vacation (10769) – $34.99

Buzz & Woody’s Carnival Mania! (10770) – $49.99

Carnival Thrill Coaster (10771) – $19.99

These and the earlier two are now also available on LEGO Shop@Home if you’d prefer to purchase from there. While the sets now have the “4+” special designation on the boxes, the Shop@Home product listings still use the original product designation of “LEGO Juniors.”
“Toy Story 4” arrives only a day apart in Australia and the US, the former on the 20 th and the latter premiering on the 21 st .
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