LEGO City is going to outer space with 6 new sets for summer 2019 [News]

Today the new Toy Story 4 , Spider-Man , and The LEGO Movie 2 sets go on sale, and we’re also getting our first official glimpse at LEGO’s new City sets for this summer, and they’re far out. The new line will see LEGO astronauts exploring space with near-future tech. Although the line isn’t branded by NASA as some previous sets have been, most famously the NASA Apollo Saturn V , they do include a lot things that are distinctly inspired by the space agency’s real plans. The line includes a Mars rover, a small space station, a futuristic space shuttle, and even a large rocket that bears a resemblance to NASA’s SLS rocket . And perhaps most interestingly, there’s also a new people pack that’s themed to the line, with loads of engineers, scientists, astronauts, and other support crew.
The sets were revealed by Dutch retailer KelCha Toys , and while we don’t have an exact release date for them yet, we are able to give approximate prices thanks to the listed Euro prices from the retailer.

60224 Maintenance Mission Shuttle | 84 pieces | Approx. $10 USD

60225 Rover Test Drive | 202 pieces | Approx. $20 USD

60226 Mars Research Shuttle | 273 pieces | Approx. $30 USD

60227 Moon Base | 412 pieces | Approx. $50 USD

60228 Space Research Rocket Control Center | 837 pieces | Approx. $100 USD

60230 People Pack – Space Research and Development | 209 pieces | Approx. $40 USD

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