Lepin Factories Raided by Police!

Here is the latest news from Weibo about the Lepin factory raid.

"On April 23, with the cooperation of police in Shantou and Shenzhen, the Shanghai police successfully destroyed the criminal gang suspected of infringing the copyright of the “Lego” brand, arrested four suspects headed by Li, and smashed production and packaging. 3 warehouses, warehouses, etc., more than 10 assembly lines, more than 90 production molds, nearly 200,000 manuals, more than 200,000 packaging boxes, more than 630,000 finished products , more than 200 million yuan."

So, it looks like Lepin is shutdown for good.  But what about it's sister company Xingbao, which creates building block sets which are not based on Lego designs?  Will other Lego clone companies such as Bela, Lele and Sheng Yuan be targeted next by Chinese police?  The next few months should be of great interest to both Lepin and Lego fans alike.

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