My Collection of Not Lego Buses

Hey There!  Here's a quick look at my Not Lego bus collection.  Using public transit in Its-Not-Lego town has never been easier.  You have your choice of buses made by Sluban, Wange, and Enlighten.

The first ever bus in my not lego collection was from the  Sluban set M38-B0333 Middle School Set.  The 500 piece set consisted of a school building and the school bus. The bus was subsequently released on it's own as Sluban set M38-B0507.  The bus has 219 pieces.  There were stickers that came with the set but I didn't apply them to the bus. Next up is the bus by Wange, set number is 30132.  The bus is comprised of 318 pieces.  I modified this bus slightly to lower the bus height.  I felt that the original bus height was a bit too tall.   This small bus is the Main street complimentary shuttle. Here's another Sluban bus.  The set is M38-B0330 and has 235 pieces  This is another bus that I'ved modified, this time I increased it in length.  This is a long distance bus used to reach other towns.  I used some extra white bricks and the Sluban M38-B0330 instructions to make this MOC bus.  I haven't figured out how to use this bus but I may change the colours on it to make it a special police bus. Here's a double decker bus by Sluban, model is M38-B0331.  There's 403 pieces in this set.  It includes extra bricks to build a mini gas station.  This is the main bus that goes around Its-Not-Lego town. The problem with the design is that you can't remove the roof or top level to access the interior.  It's on my list of things to fix on this set. Finally for visitors who come to do some sightseeing around town, there's the Enlighten brand Sightseeing bus 1123.  At 455 pieces, this is the largest bus in my collection.  Unlike all my other buses that are six studs wide, this bus is eight studs wide, so it doesn't really match.  My plan is to rebuild it as a six stud bus.  I also plan to change the really weird looking front windshield.
There's just one more bus on my wish list ... that would be the Lepin 02078 city bus. I've ordered it from Aliexpress, but not sure if it's available anymore. I'll let you all know if I get it or not.   Let me know which one is your favorite bus?   See you next time! Product - CITY Town Bus Station Building Blocks Sets Kits Bricks Kids Classic Model Toys Gift Kids Marvel Compatible Legoings