123 Sesame Street by Ivan Guerrero Finally Makes 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas

To have a LEGO Ideas submission that we have endorsed on The Brick Show getting 10-K support eventually is uncommon. When it does happen, we’re probably as happy as the creators in proving interest in the subject as a set. This one also happens to match about two prevalent themes in the latest Review batch.
What’s expected to be the LEGO Ideas Second 2019 Review Stage is full of either building sets or TV   settings . 123 Sesame Street by Street Ivan Guerrero/ bulldoozer21 covers both. It’s both an apartment build and a location for one of the world’s best-known children’s shows.

Recall, we first covered this product idea in November of 2017 . A follow-up on its support-gathering progress was posted early last month . By then it had over 8,000 supporters with over 200 days left for completion. By April’s end, it achieved the goal it took over a year to reach.
Perhaps interest on bulldoozer21’s project was sparked anew by his updated design (leaving it at 55 short of 3,000 pieces). Maybe it’s because “Sesame Street” is turning five decades old this 2019. Whatever the case, 123 Sesame Street is now awaiting Review from LEGO Ideas.

Still, even if it did make it past the Second 2019 Review Stage, it probably won’t be until later this year. And then production and release might not be until 2020. Considering that, this set’s situation might be similar to Steamboat Willie (21317). It was created to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90 th Anniversary in 2018, but released the year after instead.
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