A LEGO Los Angeles City Hall that is small yet towers tall

Bruce Lowell is a native of Los Angeles, which is one of the reasons he built this 1:200 scale LEGO model of Los Angeles City Hall. For Bruce, the model was a labor of love, having gone through multiple iterations since 2014. The finished product is richly detailed with architectural embellishments, a brick-built flag draped down the right side of the building, and dozens of tiny trees. Everything looks beautiful, and this is further enhanced by the natural background used in Bruce’s photography. In fact, I think it would make for a picture-perfect postcard.

When the sun sets, the lights turn on. Currently, there are only lights for the tower and red warning light, but Bruce plans on adding lighting within the rest of the building. He would also like to light up the street lamps and add spotlights to highlight City Hall’s exterior. I’m eager to see what the model looks like when fully lit.

You really have to view the model from all angles to gain an appreciation for the level of detail. For example, an overhead view highlights City Hall’s courtyards and the nearby park.

Another great example is this street level view of the tower. While it may be a micro-build, the right type of photography can make you feel like you could explore the grounds and feel so small.

The elegant entrance is decorated with several tiny American flags, along with the flag representing U.S. military prisoners of war and those missing in action. Bruce designed the flag and had it custom-printed by EclipseGrafx.

You can even find some vehicles, like this cute TV news van. It seems like no expense has been spared when it comes to attention to detail.

And here’s the man of the hour, Bruce Lowell, preparing LEGO Los Angeles City Hall for some excellent outdoor photography! If you would like to learn more about the inspiration behind the model, its development and more, you can read more on Bruce Lowell’s personal website .

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