Welcome to the Coral Hotel, where your ocean view room is ready!

This gorgeous piece of LEGO architecture by Andrew Tate is an Art Deco fantasy. Growing up near beach towns as a kid I saw tons of places like this with names like The Dunes, Ocean Vista and The Tides. They were bright, cheerful buildings with tropical color schemes and sun burned beach goers coming in and out. I was fascinated by the various examples of architecture, which ranged from Art Deco design to that of the Atomic 50s.

Andrew’s Coral Hotel falls within the Art Deco category with its sweeping curves and repeated shapes. Sideways building techniques are used to create the curved facade and awnings. The right side wall is beautifully done with round windows and an Art Deco favorite, the zig-zag, made with alternating tan and dark tan 1x1x2/3 slopes . The light aqua round tiles and gold flowers finish off the design with a colorful flair. The stepped column facade above the main entrance utilizes the blue Technic 1/2 pin to great effect in an alternating pattern with round gold tiles. One of the things that really makes this model stand out is its limited use of visible studs, creating lots of smooth, shiny surfaces. The studs that are showing are thoughtfully utilized. Everything ties together beautifully with a purposeful color scheme and large sign with a curvy font that can be read from a distance.

The minifigures breathe life into the scene with a mix of beach and business attire. I really like the guy tipping his hat and the woman in the green bikini top with her beehive hairdo. I’m pretty sure I saw her in real life on many occasions. The 1950s convertible with fins was also a staple of beach life in a variety of colors, and it is captured perfectly here in white.

My favorite models always seem to feature a finished interior, and this one is no exception. Friendly staff are ready to greet you in the tastefully appointed lobby. The back wall is decorated with ocean-themed white shells and a clever use of the corner panel piece to make the old school key cubbies that were a staple in older hotels. The sideways built zig-zag pattern with blue outline from the front of the building is repeated here in the floor, helping to create a sense of unity between the interior and exterior.

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