Beautiful medieval scenery abounds

I’ve personally been building a lot of landscape lately, so I love being inspired by the work of other builders. There’s a ton to be inspired by in this creation by John Snyder . The first thing that draws me in is the colour palette – olive green and dark tan work so well together to form a muted backdrop for the bright leaves on the trees, and even the brown and light grey of the building stand out.

The consistent use of the backdrop colours is really effective as well. The varied texture in olive green makes the low vegetation seem realistic, as does the mix of straight and curved slopes for the dark tan cliff sides. Most impressive to me though, are the road and the tree roots. Roads like this are something I aspire to build – the way the shapes of the stones seems random and how the road itself follows the contours of the landscape – it’s amazing how something as mundane as an old, worn, country road can be so beautiful.

The tree roots, while perhaps less complex than the road, are nonetheless essential for the realistically aged look of the scene. Effective positioning of horns , carrot stems , minifigure hands , and a tentacle make the roots look as if they’ve actually gown the way roots would really grow in all different directions. Overall, there is much to be inspired by in this creation. What other details do you see and love as much as I do?
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