A garden for Nya

Builder Rollon Smith brings us this serene garden scene grown especially for Ninjago’s Ninja of Water, Nya. This is just one part of a lovely trio of scenes dedicated to exploring Nya’s past.

I love the symmetry used in this build as it creates a wonderful sense of balance and harmony. A place you could go to meditate in peace. Some clever use of parts such as the upside-down Wonder Woman tile and the sideways Brickheadz glasses add some fine detail. I’m also quite fond of the elegant curves and shape of the back wall.

A Torii, a wooden bridge and a small building with a great roof are the highlights of the second part of this series.

Last but not least, it’s the lady herself, Nya! Another terrific roof treatment here and the addition of lavender into the scene gives a nice pop of color to the black and brown building. In contrast to the symmetry of the garden, this house features an additional smaller side building finished off with a lantern for a more asymmetrical look.

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