Hi diddly ho, droidorinos!

If you plan on taking robots into war, you need a formidable assault droid. Enter the bulky, badass HUF-2 built by Marco Marozzi , complete with a massive machine gun. The mechanical detailing of the droid is impressive, and the color scheme is perfect for a robotic predator. You have your industrial grays and silvers, but you also have splashes of gold and red to warn of what’s to come…almost like a poison dart frog. There’s even an “Easter egg” for fans of The Simpsons TV show.

Marco’s droid needs to be viewed from all angles to be truly appreciated. Flipping the HUF-2 around reveals a robust pair of legs for support, which is vital when wielding weaponry of this size. There’s also just enough greebling for that robotic feeling without overdoing it. The HUF-2 looks as sleek as it is strong.

LEGO stickers and printed elements are also put to good use in the model. For example, the structure of the head includes a toolbox with “property of Ned Flanders” print, originally included with the Simpsons Ned Flanders CMF. With Ned’s involvement, we can only assume this droid is doing the Lord’s work with a “ding dong diddly do.”

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