More LEGO Disney Princess 2020 Sets Revealed

LEGO servers have been updated once again to include official images of additional LEGO Disney Princess 2020 sets that are slated to be available in January next year. If you recall from last month, the first wave of these sets was revealed by third-party retailers abroad, including some new sets that offer a new pop-up book design similar to what we’ve seen with LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) .  This time around, these previously revealed sets are now listed at LEGO Shop@Home , with three, new additional sets whose official images are now unveiled for us to see.
As it seems, we will be getting four (4) new Storybook Adventure sets including one that is inspired by the Frozen 2 sequel. Mulan will also have another set dedicated to her, particularly one that shows her in a rehashed set that took inspiration from last year’s Mulan’s Training Day (41151) . This is the second LEGO set that features a new minidoll version of the Disney heroine that also comes with new printings. If you’re a fan of Mulan, then this is will be a nice incentive to get this set in January.
Moana also gets another 2020 set which shows a more accurate rendition of her travel companion, Hei Hei the Rooster. I like this newer version of this spaced-out fowl as compared to how he is seen from 2017’s Moana’s Ocean Voyage (41150) . His recent microfig version offers a larger eye print and a more movie-accurate color scheme.
I’ve updated this listing here to include the links to these LEGO Disney Princess 2020 sets to their respective LEGO Shop@Home pages whenever applicable. Check these out.
Moana’s Ocean Adventure (43170)
46 pieces | $9.99 USD

Aurora’s Royal Carriage (43173)
62 pieces | $9.99 USD

Mulan’s Storybook Adventures (43174)
124 pieces | $19.99 USD

Anna and Elsa’s Storybook Adventures (43175)
133 pieces | $19.99 USD

Ariel’s Storybook Adventures (43176)
105 pieces | $19.99 USD

Belle’s Storybook Adventures (43177)
111 pieces | $19.99 USD

Cinderella’s Castle Celebration (43178)
168 pieces | $29.99 USD

Mulan’s Training Ground (43182)
157 pieces | $29.99 USD

Moana’s Island Home (43183)
202 pieces | $39.99 USD

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