2020 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 2

2020 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 2

Happy holidays to all of our fellow LEGO builders! As is tradition, we at The Brothers Brick will be opening our advent calendars as we count down to Christmas. We’ll also be sharing commentary on each one, which will be both insightful and hilarious!

This year we have new Harry Potter, Star Wars, City and Friends advent calendars to open! We will be sharing images of the new calendars every day through Christmas. Let’s see what there is to open on Day 2!

A microscale build of Hogwarts castle was a perfect way to keep the ball rolling. Featuring the classic design from the films, this castle is a quick and fun way for Day 2. Even Poe seems happy about it. Or maybe that’s because his tip yip is nearly done cooking? This version of Poe Dameron is wearing the very fashionable Christmas sweater from the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.

Alexander : I bet this tiny Hogwarts has been sitting on some designer’s desk waiting for the right moment! I’m totally building it with my own pieces this weekend.
CJ : A strong day two for Potter and Star Wars. Some nice colors and detail bits in the castle and the holiday BB-8 sweater is something I would have expected to see held in reserve for a final day in previous year’s calendars. The gun seems out of place, but I guess Poe is unwilling to negotiate for cocoa refills.
Lino : Poe spent the holidays like many of us do; drinking and loading guns while in an ugly sweater.
Ed : Star Wars episode XXVII: Attack on Hogwarts.Scene 1: A long long (long) time after the Rebels found peace, they discover a new enemy that is a threat far that even the mastery of Jedi Forces and Sith-ery are unable to compete with, Magic and Wizardry. Rebel Leader Poe Dameron’s “I have a plan” moment, is to attack the enemy at their weakest moment on “Life Day” which happens to be coincidentally during the same period when the rest of us celebrate Christmas. (Which explains his BB-8 sweater) Pew pew pew!!!
From the LEGO Friends and LEGO City 2020 advent calendars, we have a Duke Detain minifigure and a scene where someone was writing their Christmas list.

Alexander : I see the sweater, I see a smile… but why bringing a wrench to a Christmas party?!
Adam: No guns allowed? Lol not sure why but it’s nice to see a grey wrench when most of the wrenches that TLG has put out are black ones.
Daniel : I have to say that Friends build is one of the saddest builds. Minimal effort. I guess I might feel differently if it came after a comfortable chair for her to sit in while enjoying hot chocolate and cookies.
CJ : City!Friends have yet to pick up much steam for me this year. While Duke Detain’s police-inspired holiday sweater is jolly, the fact that he’s menacing us with a crowbar is…not the best look for 2020. On the Friends side of the fence, there are a couple of interesting parts, but it’s far from the quality of last year’s ornament builds.
Benjamin : I’m assuming that the wrench will make sense in a few days since I’m guessing we’ll get a vehicle of some sort for Duke to fix. Otherwise, yeah, an odd accessory. Better than Emma’s brush yesterday, but still not much more than a fig. And Friends? That’s the worst birthday cake anyone has ever gotten: “Happy Birthday, we decorated your cake with an empty cup of coffee and our shopping list…ok, we forgot to put candles on it…but we’ll check the list twice next year, promise!”
Chris : That is a very odd Christmas sweater. It’s a dog (or is it a lion?) wearing a police cap? And I don’t have any idea about the wrench. Duke Detain is a police officer normally, so that kind of explains the sweater, but doesn’t explain the wrench at all. It’s neither police nor holiday-related. The Friends Ottoman with Clutter is just sad. There are plenty of ways to do a small table with some accessories, as I think we’ll see later in this calendar, but this one doesn’t cut it.
Lino :  With his handy wrench Duke can fix anything…except his taste in gaudy sweaters and furniture.
If we take the best part of these build and combine them together, this is the result:

Two good guys staying alert for criminal operations during the holidays. Thanks for keeping a lookout, Duke and Poe!
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