Mork 031051 ToonCity Florist Set Review (design by LetzPlay)

Mork 031051 ToonCity Florist Set Review (design by LetzPlay)
By: It's Not Lego Posted On: July 16, 2022 View: 478

What's up brick fans!  I'm back to show you the latest not Lego set in my collection. Today, I'll be reviewing the ToonCity Florist shop.  The Florist shop is part of a series of building sets designed by the group LetzPlay, composed of 5 brick enthusiasts in Malaysia (according to their Facebook page).  They have collaborated with the Mork brand to produce their sets. As of this post, there are a total of three sets in the Mork ToonCity series;  the Florist (031051), the Fruit Shop (031052) and the Town House (031053).   A big thank you to for supplying me with this set to review.  You can find the Tooncity Florist shop along with many other not Lego building block sets on their website.  They offer great prices and superfast shipping. The ToonCity Florist Shop is a colourful and whimsical building set.  It features many bright colours and a lot of  play features which the kids will love.  This set is quite large at 2102 pieces, enough to keep them busy for days.  The set is recommended for builders age 6 and up. For those who want to see the set contents and the build pictures, I've posted them here for you to see (coming soon!).   The Tooncity Florist measures 30 × 19.5 × 25 cm and is Lego compatible, meaning that you can interchange the building blocks in this set with your Lego bricks.   The Florist shop has lots of curves, curved entrance, curved windows and even curved roof.  The predominant colours are the turquoise roof and orange accents on the roof, doors and windows. From the pictures you can see that there are unique details on every side of the florist shop.  Every wall has a window you can peek into.   Did you know that the roof comes off?  You can actually remove both parts of the roof and look inside.  Let's check it out! Here's the interior of the Florist shop.  There's a curved brown door which you enter into what looks like a storage area.  There's a sink for washing up and a table and ladder.  That's odd, how does one get inside the shop? Here's the surprise, there's a secret door that turns.  Only those who know it's little secret can enter the florist shop. Inside the secret room, is a menagerie of plants! There's lots of flowers and specimen jars for the budding botanist.   And a giant tree is growing right inside the shop.  It's home to several tropical birds.  Can you find one of them in the picture? On the opposite wall is another workbench and more flower specimens.  When not tending to the plants one can sit in the big comfy chair and watch their favourite shows on the TV. Here's a neat trick, the TV actually lights up if you press a button on the outside. Unfortunately the TV does not stay lit up unless you keep the button pressed.  Luckily, we got some help from a small friend.    Can't forget to mention the two giant flowers on the roof.  Wow they must be mutants to grow so big. Another great play feature is that you can rotate the flowers round and round by turning the knob in the roof.  Surprise your friends! Here's another tropical bird that comes with the set.  Normally he's perched inside but we took him outside to get some sun.  That's the nice thing about this set is that you can move things around and put them where you want. Need to water those plants in high places?  No problem with the handy ladder that comes with the set. If you are still wondering about the size of this set, here's the ToonCity Florist next to the FunWhole Wood Cabin, I built not too long ago.  It's just a tad shorter because it only has a single floor and a roof, whereas the FunWhole cabin has a raised foundation and a second floor loft area. Final thoughts The ToonCity Florist shop was a nice build and would be great for kids because of its play value.  There are three printed pieces in the whole set and thankfully no stickers. It should be noted that this set comes with way more flowers than I've shown in my pictures.  There are literally hundreds more flowers that I didn't add to really customise it.   The Mork brand brick quality is top notch and I had no clutch issues in putting the set together.  Mork also provided lots of extra pieces in my set.I will note that the large curved roof piece might need the assistance of an adult to put together. The one drawback I had with this set, and a big one at that, is that it did not include any minifigures with it.  You do get two tropical birds, if that's any consolation. I added my own minifigure to the pictures to give you a sense of scale and showcase the set's features.   I would imagine that you could add your own, but for the price of the set, I think they should have added one or two little people.   For that reason, I will deduct half a star and only give it 4.5 stars out of 5. If you like what you see, you can get it at  And don't forget to use discount code ITSNOTLEGO at checkout for another 5% off the price! Thanks so much for spending your time on the read, hope to see you back real soon!

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