A year in review, all the alt Lego I bought in 2021

A year in review, all the alt Lego I bought in 2021
By: It's Not Lego Posted On: February 21, 2022 View: 427

Hey brick fans, thanks for dropping by to Its-Not-Lego.blogspot.com!Now that we are fully into 2022, I thought it would be fun to review all of the alternative Lego sets and minifigures I bought during 2021.  In addition to the lists below, I also bought a lot of loose bricks and accessories to make my own custom modular buildings, but they are too many to list here.  I've broken down my buys into three major themes: Modular buildings, Sci-fi/Star Wars, and City themed sets and vehicles.  I curtailed my spending of minifigures this year, but still bought some Star Wars Clone troopers and Mandalorian figures. I also calculated how much I spent on alt Lego in 2021. On average it was about $150 CDN per month.  How does that compare with what you spend on a monthly basis?  Please feel free to let me know in the comments below!Modular buildings I bought in 2021Panda 10201 BookshopHappy Build YC20006 Photo ShopHappy Build YC20008 Music ShopSembo 601143 Coffee ShopModular MOC C4903 Flower ShopModular MOC C4226 by Kristel Juhang 86012 Garden StreetJieStar 89100 Jazz CafeSci-fi themed sets I bought in 2021MOC 20383 Blade Runner Spinner (x2)MOC 56363 Rey's SpeederMOC 53017 AATMOC C6937 Rebel LandspeederMOC C5518 Probe DroidKing 19046 Republic GunshipPantasy 81101 Spirit Cage IncarnationMOC 35960 AT-RTMOC 42421 Demolition Man car by RollingBricksCity sets I bought in 2021Wange 3625 Fire TruckXingbao XB3027 Offroad VehicleQunlong QL0319 Train (x2)Gudi 9222 Fire TruckSembo 601095 Hong Kong StreetsWinner 5027 TruckMOC C5333 Garbage Truck by MochimasterQihui 5804 Technic Offroad truckHappy Build YC-QC009 Food TrucksBela 10871 CamperBela 10992 Arctic Exploration TeamBela 10997 Arctic Mobile base Decool 22034 Mini VehiclesMinifigure sets I bought in 2021Bela/Leri 11389 People PlaygroundWM6095 Bad Batch minifiguresWM6092/WM6085 Mandalorian minifiguresKT1034/KT1035 minifiguresHow much I spent in 2021I spent a total of $1815 CDN this past year, up from $1265 CDN that I spent in 2020 which is about a 30% increase over the previous year.  I have been tracking my yearly expenditures of alt Lego since 2013 and I spent the most ever in 2021.Total spent: $1814.85 CDN averaging about $151.23 per monthMonth with the least spending: Nov - $0.00Month with most spending: Mar - $443.39What's ahead for 2022?During the month of January 2022, I will have only spent less than $5 on alt Lego. For the remainder of the year, I foresee that will be spending a lot less on alt Lego.  Firstly, there haven't been many new sets that have piqued my interest at a price point that I'm comfortable with.  Since the pandemic and supply chain issues, there has been a dramatic price increase in alt Lego over the past few months.  Before, I could find many modular buildings selling for under $100 CDN, but these days the average price seems to be around $140 to $150 each.  I suppose that reflects the joint cooperation between the designers and alt Lego brands.  Another reason I'm cutting back is due to the fact I have run out of room.  All of my modular buildings, spaceships and city vehicles take up a lot of space and I don't have any more room to grow.  I will probably have to start deconstructing some of my existing sets.  I plan to focus more on building MOCs or enhancing sets I already own in the coming year.  As a result I will probably be posting less about new sets on Its-Not-Lego.blogspot.com and posting more pictures of my MOC builds on BricksandFigs.blogspot.com.  Please be sure to check it out if you get a chance!How about you? Are you spending more on alt Lego these days or cutting back like me?  I'm curious to know!Anyways, bye for now!

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